Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland has managed to establish a privileged relationship with its neighbouring countries, while preserving an unique way of life. Geneva is the international city by definition, offering the highest standing of infrastructure, fast and efficient connections which make it the ideal platform for your activities, opening not only the gates of Switzerland, but also of an entire continent.

As the opportunities become numberless, but the time keeps running your schedule, Prowide Services has created the first personal concierge service in Switzerland. We take care of your logistics, optimizing your timetable. Our aim is to meet and exceed your expectations, leaving you with only one last preoccupation : yourself.

Whatever can be the purpose of your stay in Switzerland, either a tightly planned business trip, a relaxing holiday or even if you live in but need to maximize your time, you can trust our discreet and efficient assistance at any time.

Faithful to its tradition of welcoming and relying on a high quality network, Prowide Services is at your disposal, placing you at the centre of its attention.

Whatever are your needs, we attend them.

Welcome to Switzerland. Welcome home.


Geneva by night